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Candy Party Game Teen pati master – Playing Rules | Winning Tricks 2023

admin, Monday, July 31, 2023
App NameCandy Party Game
APK Size56MB
App CateLiferyRummy
App VersionLatest Version
Sign-up Bonus₹51 instant
Min Withdraw₹100
Total Users50K+
Candy Party Game Teen pati maste

Do you know that in this Candy Party Game, we are going to give you Information about an easy Track? In which you can earn a lot of real-life players. Then in this game, you get 5 different colored boxes. In which you need to have a new 5₹ to play the game.

By selecting the amount of betting you have to place in this game, you can automatically win without playing. You have to click on the “Play Auto” Button. Then your game will be Cypress, and the more boxes explode, the more you can Claim.

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Candy Party Game Teen pati master - Playing Rules

क्या दोस्तो आप जानते है के इस Candy Party Game में आपको एक आसानी Track की आपको Information देने वाला हु। जिसमे आप लोग काफी सारे गेम खेलर Real Earning कर सकते है। तो फिर इस गेम में आपको 5प्रकार के अलग कॉलोर् के बॉक्स मिलते है। जिसमे आपके नूतन 5₹ गेम खेलने के लिए होना जरूरी है।

आपको जितना बेटिंग लगाना है एनिको सेलेक्ट कर, फिर इस गेम में आपको बिना खेले Automatic win कर सकते है। जेची के Bet लगके आपको “Play Auto” Button पर क्लीक करना है। फिर अपना गेम सरू हो जाएंगे और जितना अधिक Box Explode होते है इंतना आप Claim कर सकते है।

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FAQs- Candy Party Game Teen pati master

What is Bikini Paradise in Teen Patti Master Game?

Bikini Paradise is a theme or setting within the Teen Patti Master Game, featuring a beach-themed environment and attractive characters in bikinis.

Is Bikini Paradise a new version of the game?

No, it’s not a separate version but rather a themed environment within the existing Teen Patti Master Game.

How does Bikini Paradise affect gameplay?

Bikini Paradise is purely an aesthetic change and doesn’t impact the rules or mechanics of the Teen Patti Master Game.

Is Bikini Paradise appropriate for all players?

The Bikini Paradise theme may not be suitable for all players due to its revealing nature. Parents should monitor and decide accordingly.

Can players switch back to the regular theme?

Yes, players can switch between different themes, including Bikini Paradise, based on their preferences.

Is Bikini Paradise a paid feature?

The availability and cost of the Bikini Paradise theme may vary depending on the game’s design and in-app purchases.

Does Bikini Paradise offer any advantages in the game?

No, the theme is purely cosmetic and provides no gameplay advantages.

Can players interact with the bikini-clad characters?

In most cases, interactions with characters are limited to game-related actions and not explicit interactions.

Is Bikini Paradise available in all regions?

The availability of Bikini Paradise may depend on the game’s developers and regional restrictions.

Is the game appropriate for underage players?

The game’s rating and content should be checked to ensure it aligns with appropriate age groups. Bikini Paradise may not be suitable for underage players.