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Teen Patti Fun App Download In 2023 | Get upto 2000₹ | Limited time offer!

admin, Sunday, February 5, 2023
App NameTeen Patti Fun
Size61 MB
Sign-Up Bonus200₹/Refer
Earning SourcePlay Game + 30% Referral
Scam/ LegitLegit
Active User500K+
Teen Patti Fun App Download In 2023

Are you looking to earn money from the Teen Patti Fun App Download in 2023 ?

On this page, you will get step-by-step Information about the Teen Patti Fun app and also Learn How to Earn $5,000 from the Teen Patti Fun app.

After Completing All the guides Given here, You will have much more experience making money from the Teen Patti Fun Game Application.

About Teen Patti Fun App

The Teen Patti Fun app is a Teen Patti or Rummy Game application that allows you to earn money by playing Card Games online; even if you do not play the game, you can still refer and earn. If the program is provided, you will be able to earn money very easily, even by referring a friend.

In this game, you get to see the support of complete 17 games, in which you get to see games like Teen Patti, Rummy and Dragon vs Tiger, I also earn a lot of money from this game, and you also earn Will find after reading this article completely, in which we have told everything about this app app.

How to Download Teen Patti Fun Apk?

Friends, if you people want to download the Teen Patti Fun App, then we have given you its link in the download button given below, by clicking on which you can download this app through the official website.

  • Download The App and Open it.
  • In order to receive your bonus, you will need to register an account, and a Guest account will be created for you automatically.
  • Select the User button and then the Bound one.
  • Input your mobile number, then enter your password and click the OTP button.
  • You must provide an OTP to confirm your mobile number, then click the Register/Confirm button.
  • As of right now, your enrollment in Teen Patti Fun is complete, and you’re free to start making money there.

How to Bind Mobile Number in Teen Patti Fun App ?

It is very easy to create an account inside Teen Patti Fun App, for this you must have a working mobile number, on the basis of which you will be able to create your account inside Teen Patti Fun Apk.

You will create an account by following the steps below:

  • Step 1 :- First of all download the app from the download button given by us.
  • Step 2: – On opening the application, you will login as Play as Gest on the Home Page,
  • Step 3: – Then you have to click on the profile phone and then click on the button of Bind, in which a form will appear.
  • Step 4: – In which you have to enter your mobile number, after setting the password, fill the OTP and register inside the app.
  • Step 5 :- Now you have successfully registered inside this app, in which you will get a bonus of ₹ 2.

Available Game in Teen Patti Fun Game?

Teen Patti Fun App Download In 2023
  • Fantasy Sports: – In this app, you get to see the first game Fantasy Sports, which has been launched by the company at the moment, in which you can also enjoy the fantasy game.
  • Rummy: – If you people like to play Rummy Game, then inside this game you have also been given a very good Rummy game according to different tables, in which you can play very well.
  • 10 Cards: – If you people also play 10 Cards game, then you can see the support of this game inside it, then very easily you can play 10 cards game here.
  • Teen Patti: – If you play Teen Patti game, then you can also see Teen Patti here, in which you have been given different tables, then you can play Teen Patti game according to your budget. Huh.
  • Variation: – And here you have also been given a Variation game from Friend, in which you also get a chance to play Joker, Hukam, Ak 47, Muflis.
  • Dragon Vs Tiger: – If you do not play Teen Patti and Rummy game, then here is a best game for you people, Dragon vs Tiger game, in which you can play very easily, here you will get any kind of card information. Needless to
  • Andar Bahar :- In this friends, you people have been given Andar Bahar game in which you can also participate and earn money by playing a very good game.
  • 7 Up Down: – 7 Up Down game is also given in this, which is also my favorite game, in which I also play very good game and you can also earn very good game here.
  • Car Roulette :- What has been done in this roulette game in which by participating here you get 8 betting options in which you can sit and take profit up to 20 times.
  • Roulette: – Roulette game is also given here which has been newly launched and in this also you can come and play the game very easily and bet in different betting options.
  • Best Of Five: – In this game also you get four different tables in which you have to bet and you win when the high card appears in one of the last tables.
  • Zoo Roulette :- Zoo Roulette game is also available inside this app, this game is similar to Car Roulette, so if you want to play the game inside it then you can play.
  • Black Jack: – If you people play blackjack game only, then you get to see this game also inside it.
  • Teen Patti 20-20 :- It is a good thing that Prince, you guys have also been given Teen Patti 20-20 game here, in which you can also participate.
  • Poker :- Many of our friends also like to play Poker Game and also comment, within this game you people also get to see Poker Game.
  • Bacarrat :- And if you also play big game, then inside this application you can also see secret game,
  • 3 Card Poker :- And here the last game is given 3 card poker, so if you are interested in this game too, then you can start playing the game by participating and learning

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Refer & Earn Option in Teen Patti Fun Game

Inside this application you get to see three types of Refer & Earn

Share :- If you share Teen Patti Phone application with any of your friends then you will get ₹50 bonus on 5 friend share and ₹100 bonus on 10 friend share and so on You always get extra ₹ 100 for every 10 friends you invite.
Comission :- If you have invited all your friends and all the running your friends do in full time, you will always get 30% of that entire running and this bonus will be visible in your Refer & Earn section every morning. Which you will be able to do Ludo by claiming.
Affiliate: – Applet program is also very good inside this game, in which you can take advantage of 10% to 30% of the running done by your friend.

Weekly Bonus :-

In this game, a program of Weekly Bonus has been given within the Refer & Earn program, which you get every Monday, which you can claim on the following basis,

How to Refer & Earn in Teen Patti Fun?

Earning by referring in this application is very easy, just click on Refer & Earn, then Whatsapp/Facebook/Share option will come in front of you, by clicking on which you can earn money by sharing with any of your friends.

VIP Bonus in Teen Patti Fun App

The good thing is that you have been given a VIP Bonus program inside this game, in which you get a chance to claim different types of free bonuses, which include the following programs.

Daily Bonus: – Even if you have not upgraded to VIP Level, you will always be able to claim the Daily Bonus program.
Weekly Bonus: – Inside this game, a bonus has been given for you guys, in which you guys are labeled as great, so you can also claim weekly bonus.
Monthly Bonus:- In which game Monthly bonus is also given, you can claim monthly bonus on ministerial basis if you want, normally there is no option to claim this bonus.
Level Bonus: – If you upgrade the level inside this game, then you will also be able to claim labor bonus.

Withdrawal Money in Teen Patti Fun App?

If you want to withdraw your winnings from the Teen Patti Fun app, there are two options available. (1) Bank Withdraw (2) UPI Withdraw through both of these you can transfer your money to the bank. Can

Bank Withdrawal: – If you want to withdraw money through bank, then you have to click on the Withdraw button, and select the bank, click on Add Bank and save your bank details, then enter your withdrawal amount and click on the Withdraw button. Click on Pay, which will submit your payment and within no time your payment will be credited to your bank.
UPI Withdrawal :- If you want to withdraw money through bank, then click on Withdraw button, and select UPI, save your UPI details by clicking on Add UPI, then enter your withdrawal amount and click on Withdraw button. Click on Pay, which will submit your payment and within no time your payment will be credited to your bank.
Note: – After completing at least ₹ 100 in this game, Withdraw can be done through Bank / UPI written above.

How to Make Money By Becoming an Agent?

If you do not want to earn money by playing games in this, a very good program to earn money by becoming an agent has been provided, in which you simply share the link with your friends, and your friends add their money to it. The company will give you a percentage so that you can earn a lot of money, as we have discussed all of its programs above, including the Refer & Earn program, in which you will receive a 30% lifetime commission.

3 Patti Dragon tiger download

Rummy Wealth

Within the context of the Dragon vs. Tiger teen patti fun App, luck is the only factor that truly matters. The players compete against one another rather than the teller, which makes this version of the game unique. For example, if you wager on the Dragon hand, instead of playing against the dealer, you will compete against the Tiger hand.

Simply make your selection, and the dealer will lay out the cards on the table for you. Learning it is about as simple as it can get. The team that has the best hand at the end of the game is the victor. It’s as simple as that. One card is in the possession of each team.

There are no lengthy games like blackjack where you have to wait until everyone is ready to play before you can get in on the action. There won’t be much downtime in between each round of the tournament. It will be easier for you if you follow these Teen Patti Fun Dragon Vs. Tiger recommendations.

New Launch Offers By Teen Patti Fun App!

As you may already be aware, this company is very reliable and pays promptly. Additionally, it regularly launches new offers, such as a Diwali offer or a Christmas offer. Is,

This game is currently offering a 100 bonus on 1 friend’s invite, which is valid after every 1000 recharges. which you can claim.

Disclaimer: You run the risk of losing or winning all of your money in this wager. The game might easily become a habit forming experience. This serves as a friendly reminder that all participants do so at their own risk. Do not play if you are over the age of 18.


Q.1 Why Should I Use Teen Patti Fun Apk?

Ans. Teen Patti Fun App is very genuine App Among all the Teen Patti game in the market. and this game is totally safe and secure game. that’s why i used it for money earning

Q.2 How Much Bonus I Will Get After Download Teen Patti Fun Game?

Ans. 52₹ Bonus you will get after downloading the Teen Patti Fun App.

Q.3 How Much Minimum Withdraw in Teen Patti Fun app?

Ans. 300₹