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Teen Patti Game: How To Play| 3 Patti wining tricks| Variation

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3 Patti, also called Teen Patti, is a very popular card game that has its roots in India. It is similar to poker in some ways, but the rules are different. Teen Patti can be played with three to six players and a standard 52-card deck (no jokers). Before the cards are dealt (the pot), the boot is chosen and collected from each player.

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After that, three cards are dealt face down to each player. Teen Patti is a variation of the card game 3 Patti in which the pot grows over time and the winner receives the entire pot. To win at Teen Patti, you need to keep playing until the final hand is played and have the highest possible poker hand, as determined by the online 3 Patti chart. Whether you play for free or for real money, the rules and gameplay of Teen Patti are the same, whether you play the downloadable version or live.

How to Play Teen Patti Online: A Beginner’s Guide

  • Every participant receives three cards dealt face down and contributes to the boot money as per the rules of Teen Patti.
  • When playing Teen Patti online, the game always starts with the player directly to the left of the dealer and moves clockwise from there.
  • Bets can be made either “blind,” where the player is prevented from seeing their opponent’s cards, or “shown,” where the player can examine their opponent’s hand. A player can ‘chaal’ or take other actions depending on the state of the 3 patti game once they’ve decided to look at their cards.
  • The player who places a blind bet in Teen Patti Online is referred to as the poker blind player. The seen player is the one who bets after having seen the cards.

3 Card Poker Hand Strength Ratings Online

The following is a list of the best Teen Patti rules, from best to worst, to choose from if you decide to download Teen Patti:

  • Set or Trail (three of the same rank)
  • Pure sequence
  • Sequence (or run)
  • Pairs of the same color and the highest card.

The highest online 3 patti sequence is A-K-Q, and the second-highest is A-2-3.

Tips for Playing Teen Patti

  • Boot – Boot is the ante, the buy-in, or the pot in Teen Patti, a poker game available for download. Each player in a 3 Patti game puts in this amount before the cards are dealt. In Teen Patti, you have to make a bet just to play the hand. Every 3 Patti player who folds every round will feel the boot’s amount, which encourages a tutorial with a small forced stake and keeps them engaged.

Pocket Rockets, or Two Pips as they’re sometimes referred to, While playing Teen Patti online, players frequently get up from their seats and forget to ante or boot. In order to rejoin the game, the player must make a “post.” According to Teen Patti regulations, the missed player must post the amount of the boot from the time they missed their turn in order to participate in the next hand. If the player who would normally post is also in the ante (as per the rules of Teen Patti), then posting is not necessary. Cowboys, King Kong, and Ace Magnets are some of the other names for these guys.

  • Blind Player -One who plays 3 Patti without looking at his or her hand. You can choose from pack, blind, and show games if they are offered. A player who wishes to play Blind must first place their wager in the pot. A Blind bet can be anywhere from half the current stake up to the size of the current bet. The initial player’s boot amount will be equal to the current stake. If the first player in an online 3 Patti cash game makes the decision to blind, the bet must be equal to or greater than the boot amount.
  • Stake Amount – A blind player’s wager becomes the’stake’ for the following player. If a player who can see them place the wager reduces the stake for the following online 3 Patti player by half. The wager for the next blind player can be either the same as or double the stake.

If there is only one player left in a 3 patti online game and a blind player wants a show, only their remaining opponent can oblige. In a blind showdown, both players’ cards are shown and the pot is awarded to the highest-ranking player.

  • A “seen player” is an online teen patti player who has viewed their hand before the deal. The stage of the game in 3 patti online determines whether a player can Chaal, Pack, or use one of the other options available to them. If a player is seen in a teen Patti game, they also have the options of Show and Side Show. Once a player has seen their cards, they must either perform some sort of physical activity or play the ‘chaal’ card game in order to remain in the game, unless one of the other options below is also available.
    • To stay in a 3 patti real cash game when using the Teen Patti download, a seen player must play Chaal or a Side Show, if either is present. Every player in chaal must contribute to the pot equal to their bet. As a general rule, a player who has been seen must wager two to four times the current stake. When a blind player comes before you, their bet becomes your stake. When playing Teen Patti online, if the previous player was a seen player, your stake will be reduced by half.
    • According to the rules of Teen Patti, any player who has been “seen” in a 3 Patti game for real money can make a request for a Side Show. The term “sideshow” is used to describe the practise of checking one’s hand against the hand of the previous player. If there are still other players in the hand and the previous player was also a seen player, this option will become available for you to choose in Teen Patti online.
    • To use a Side Show, a player must increase their bet by the same amount, or double it, in accordance with the rules of Teen Patti. The prior player is informed of the request for a Side Show. When playing 3 Patti online, the previous player has the option to either accept or decline the offer.
    • When playing Teen Patti online, if the Side Show is accepted and the previous player has better cards, you must pack. If you have better cards than the previous player, he or she must fold. Once a player has finished packing, it is their turn. – In a game of 3 patti, if the Side Show is denied, both players keep playing and do not get to see each other’s cards; the turn then moves on to the next player.

Tables for Teen Patti with a Fixed Bet and One with an Unlimited Pot

Risk that is contained At any given time, a player can only risk a certain maximum amount of money in a Teen Patti game. For instance, if the boot is set at Rs.2, the maximum bet a player can make is four blinds, the maximum chaal is Rs.256, and the Pot Limit is Rs.2048. When the Pot Limit is reached in a 3 Patti online game, all players must reveal their cards and a winner is declared, with the pot going to them according to the rules of Teen Patti. When you’re just starting out, it’s smart to download Teen Patti and play for low stakes.

Game of loose versus tight controls

In a cash game of 3 Patti, players rarely fold their hands after the first round. In the game of Teen Patti, this is referred to as a “loose” or “tight” game. A loose Teen Patti player is more likely to bet on weak hands and see them through to showdown, while a tight Teen Patti player is more likely to fold weak hands. So, go ahead and choose to download Teen Patti from the internet.


In Indian Teen Patti, play continues until either: – all players but one pack –

the last player standing wins the entire pot regardless of his or her hand.

  • Aside from two people, everyone else packs their bags. If a “show” is requested during a 3 Patti cash game, both players must reveal their hands in order to determine a winner.
  • In the event of a show during online Teen Patti games, players should refer to the online 3 patti rules chart below. To play a show with a blind player, a seen player must wager four times the current bet.
  • A player who is blind cannot request a show or side show, but a player who is seen can do so by doubling the current wager. Blind players have the advantage of being able to request a main attraction without fear of being denied. A player in Teen Patti has the option of not showing up and forfeiting the pot in exchange.
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The Order of the 3Patti’s

  • Three of a Kind:- Having three identical cards is called a “Three of a Kind” or “Trio.” In Teen patti, an Ace-high hand is the best possible combination, while a two-low hand is the worst possible combination.
  • Straight flush ( or a pure sequence) -The straight flush, also known as a pure sequence, consists of three cards in a row all of the same suit. When counting from highest to lowest, the purest sequence is A-2-3, then A-K-Q, then K-Q-J, and so on down to 4-3-2. A wrap around like K-A-2 is not a straight flush in a real money game of Teen Patti played online, but it is a valid flush in a 3 patti game played online.
  • Straight (sequence) – In Teen Patti download, a straight is a sequence of three cards of different suits. Beginning with A-2-3 and ending with 4-3-2, the highest sequence is A-2-3 to 4-3-2. In this particular game of Teen Patti, the hand of K-A-2 is ineligible.
  • Flush (colour) – During Teen Patti games, a flush is achieved by holding three consecutive cards of the same suit. If more than one player has a flush when playing 3 Patti, the highest card determines the winner. When the point totals of two hands are equal, the spades go first and the clubs go last.
  • Pair (double) -In Teen Patti, two cards of the same rank are considered a pair (double). Aces are the best possible pair, while Deuces are the worst. When playing Teen Patti, if both players have pairs, the player whose pair has a higher value wins. If two players both have a pair, the higher value of their third card will determine the winner.
  • No pair (high card) – If neither player has a pair but both have a high card, the remaining card values are used in accordance with the rules of Teen Patti. The Likelihood of Winning at Real Money 3 Patti Games Listed below are the probabilities of all possible Teen Patti hands. The probabilities of a 52-card deck are as follows, assuming that the order in which the cards are dealt in 3 Patti is irrelevant. Frequency of Hands A Look at the Odds
Three of a kind/trio520.24%424.00:1
Straight flush/pure sequence480.22%459.42:1
No pair/high card1644074.39%0.34:1

Multiple Variations on the Teen Patti Web Game

Playing 3 Patti for real money can be done in a few different ways, some of which are commonly played together while others are played solo or in different combinations.

  • Each player receives four cards instead of three, and instead of trying to make the best possible three-card Indian Teen Patti hand, they must instead make the best possible four-card Indian Teen Patti hand.
  • When playing Lowball, a variant of Teen Patti for real money download, the lowest-ranked hand is given the highest rank and vice versa, as per the rules for 3 Patti.
  • The dealer chooses one card at random after dealing in Teen Patti’s wild draw, designating all other cards of the same rank as wild.
  • In this variant, the lowest-ranking card in a player’s hand acts as a wild card for that player only.
  • Here, the highest-ranking cards in a player’s hand function as wilds for that player only.
  • The two lowest cards in a player’s hand combine to make a wild card that can be used in place of any other card in the deck. According to the rules of Teen Patti, a pair of low cards can count as a single wild card. In this variant, the player does not have any wild cards at all if the middle two cards are a pair.
  • At the end of each hand of 3 Patti for cash, the dealer will select a card at random and declare all other cards of the same rank to be bust. By definition, in Teen Patti, if you hold any of the bust cards, you have to fold.
  • Stud – In this version of Teen Patti played online, players are dealt a hand consisting of both face-down and face-up cards. Hole cards are the down cards given to each player. Street cards are any cards that are dealt out in the open. Depending on the Teen Patti variant, you may use a variety of different combinations of hole cards and street cards.
  • Community – Much like in Texas Holdem poker, if you choose to download Teen Patti you will receive an incomplete hand of cards dealt face down, and then several cards will be dealt face up in the middle of the table, creating a “community” hand. Each player can use the shared cards to form the best possible three-card Patti sequence.
  • • Three-card community: In this version of 3 Patti played for real money, each player receives two cards dealt face down, then one community card dealt face up.
  • • Five-card community: In this variant of Teen Patti, each player is given two cards face down and the community is dealt three cards face up. In accordance with the rules of Teen Patti, players in some iterations of the game are required to choose a three-card hand consisting of one face-down card and two face-up cards.

FAQs For Teen Patti Game

Which Teen Patti game app is the best?

There are numerous Teen Patti game downloads available online. You can select one by evaluating its essential features and services, including safety, security, RNG certification, and payment channels and methods.

Is it possible to play Teen Patti online?

You can choose to download Teen Patti and play Teen Patti online for free or for real money.

Who has the most skill at the game of 3 Patti?

Playing 3 Patti can be done in a number of different ways. Best of Four, Low Ball, Wild Draw, Stud, Community, High Wild, etc. are some of the more common variants.

Are poker and 3 Patti equivalent?

Online Teen Patti games are not the same as online Poker games. Whereas Teen Patti is purely a game of chance, Poker requires knowledge of pot odds, shrewd mental manipulation, calculated risk-taking, and even a bit of emotional intelligence to succeed at.

How can I always win 3 Patti?

If you want to try downloading Teen Patti and playing it online, it’s best to play blind frequently and to start out with a low stake. When playing Teen Patti, it’s important to keep your cool and not show any signs of emotion. If you’ve taken a bad beat, you should take a break. You shouldn’t spend more to get more.

WARNING: The money you invest in this game could go either way. The game has the potential to become addictive. Because of this, everyone is reminded to play the game at their own risk. Avoid this game if you’re over the age of 18.